Born To Be Well

At Album, each community is unique and directly reflects its residents' wants and needs. That's how it should be. Whether it's fitness, overall wellbeing, spirituality, intellectual stimulation, social engagement, being good to the earth, or other pursuits, it's about what makes you happy. This is what custom crafted living at Album is all about. So, we listen very carefully. And with your help, together, we create meaningful activity calendars that evolve, and change based upon your preferences over time. There are no cookie-cutter programs here. It's your world, and you definitely have a say in it no matter which Album community you decide to call home.


Be Healthy by focusing on the 7 keys to well-being and quality of life

Be Fit Be Whole Be Spiritual Be Curious Be Social Be Organic Be Passionate

Be Fit

Staying physically active is important. So is staying motivated. No matter what level of fitness you’re at or want to achieve, Album supports you with modern fitness centers and classes to make workouts extra convenient. Together, we’ll make workouts work harder for you.


Be Passionate

Time flies when you’re doing something you love. And when you talk about it, you glow. We love that! Album is the ultimate place to enjoy favorite activities and talents, hone your skills independently, share your skills, and find some new ones too.


Be Spiritual

There’s a thread that sustains us all. Gives us inspiration, comfort, and strength. At Album, we’ll nurture your faith, whatever that may be, and enhance it through meditation classes, discussions, giving back with local volunteering, and more.


Be Whole

Keeping your active lifestyle fully activated is one of our goals at Album. We’re your go-to source for the latest information and resources about nutrition, mental health, physical health, wellness trends, and more.


Be Social

A wave hello, a friendly smile, a potluck, movie and game nights, sharing a cup of coffee or a walk together. These simple pleasures enrich overall wellbeing and provide an authentic sense of belonging. Album communities are welcoming and inviting places. Friendliness is second nature at Album.


Be Curious

Seeing the world with the curiosity of a child is magical. There’s always something new to learn. With a wide variety of stimulating classes and educational activities, Album celebrates this thirst for knowledge every day. You’re invited to teach us a thing or two as well!


Be Organic

When we’re good to the earth, we’re good to ourselves. Album communities encourage recycling, and reuse programs, and support local environmental organizations. We can show you simple ways to make daily life more sustainable. Together we can do great things.